This course is designed specifically for children between 6 to 12 years old. The interactive curriculum design begins at the starter's level with the difficulty gradually increases up to the 6th level, greatly enhancing children's learning interest. The course contains a diversity of fun conversation, vocabulary, games, activities, rhymed songs, and listening drills so that children are exposed to a learning environment that is both interactive and fun, while the rigorous curriculum design lays a solid foundation for children's competency in English. In addition, in order for children to fully absorb the content of each unit level, the course has meticulously prepared a section dedicated to unit review—the "Magic Fighter" unit. Large volumes of audio and visual animations were applied to generate the "English Challenge Games" which are as vivid as on-line games. This innovative design allows children to review the English lessons they have learned in a natural way by taking on all kinds of intense and exciting challenges.